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Georgia has been drawing since her fingers were coordinated enough to hold onto a crayon. There was incontrovertible proof, a skeleton in white crayon, on the bottom of one of her mother's tables - boldly signed by the 5-year old artist.
All through grammar school she was hounded by her teachers for not staying in the lines, but Georgia still ended up in college as an Art major - where they promptly told her not to stay in the lines.
Although she never finished her degree, Georgia continued to draw and paint for her own enjoyment, branching out into more "craft" type projects as different techniques caught her interest. She produced fliers for her boyfriend's band which were very popular with their fans, which finally lead to a job as a production artist in a small print shop (well before the time when everything was done electronically on computer).
Over the years, much of Georgia's artwork has been devoted to portraits and illustrations of various actors in her favorite television shows, movies, or books. This led her into experimenting with colored pencil portraits (both on standard white stock and black card stock), pointillism with pen and ink, and using watercolor markers and colored inks to paint.
Georgia now works as a Graphic Designer in the Silicon Valley, and through her job has been drawn into experimentation with digital artwork using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Although Georgia does admit to a an unending desire to feel the drag of the paintbrush across canvas once more.